reverse engineering the future to plan for yours


Alsin Capital Management, Inc. is a San Diego based Money Management firm lead by Portfolio Manager, Arne Alsin. Lending over 20 years of experience to his practice, Alsin has developed a strategy based in optimistic futurism. With over 300 articles featured in publications such as TheStreet.com, Seeking Alpha, and the weekend printed edition of The Financial Times, Alsin is no stranger to the game of asset strategies. His research has led him to a profound understanding of those business models that will last, and those that will not.

By reverse engineering 2020, our team, led by Alsin, is obsessed with understanding which businesses will make the cut. Which ones will be here, worthy of investment, and which ones will become tired and obsolete. Future focused market strategies means that at Alsin Capital, we don’t believe in applying traditional models to the future. It means that we examine, research, and dial-in to those subtle measures that will predict a business’s longevity. Even if that means going against the grain of Wall Street.